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Literacy and Numeracy




Our school as a community is working on improving LITERACY AND NUMERACY with the aim of improving your overall academic achievements. 

For Numeracy the emphasis has been on ESTIMATE, CALCULATE AND CHECK. To support you in solving problems and to encourage you to think, you had the opportunity for PROBLEM SOLVING monthly. 

To improve LITERACY we have implemented the following:

1) THE DEAR PROGRAMME (see below activities to support DEAR) 

2) STUDY SKILLS – Student enrichment Programme 

3) KEY WORDS – Key words and key word journal 


To support our DEAR Programme we have introduced many activities for you, including the following flavour of events:

DEAR – twice a week for 20 mins shared with NUMERACY PROBLEM SOLVING 

DEAR Notice board of great reads – in school and on website 

Reading classes during English time for first and second years 

Revamped the Library and updated the selection of books 

Provided books shelves on the corridors stocked with books 

Introduced juniors to the New Local Library 

'Themes of the Month' and significant books on that theme 

Great Big Book Quizzes and  Poetry competitions 

Guest authors AND speakers – 

(for example: Mr Toni Reichental, Mrs Mary O’Neill, and Mr Gay Byrne) 



Word Millionaire AND 

Book Club 

We wish to thank all students who participated in a most positive way by having their book in their bag, by being a member of a quiz team, submitting Shelfies, drawing posters, being part of organising activities or in any other way. Well done and thank you. 

Most importantly, none of these activities would happen without the initiatives of our TEACHERS. Thank you to all who have worked hard to support DEAR and Literacy and Numeracy AND the STUDENTS who help out. 

Further, thank you to your PARENTS/GUARDIANS, who support our activities and strategies. A special word of thanks to all who fill in evaluation forms, send in books and help in any way to encourage the students to read. Thanks also to the parents who help with the Book Club. 

Next Academic Year our focus will still be on NUMERACY and LITERACY. 

For LITERACY we are aiming for the WELLREAD NATIONAL AWARD. To achieve this award we will be involving all aspects of our school and wider community. 

We intend to achieve this award. Your support and co-operation will be required in that process. You will hear more about it next academic year. 

We look forward to an eventful year ahead as we meet the WELL READ CHALLENGE. 

We encourage you to read over the summer, we will be enclosing a reading list with your summer report. You can borrow these books from your local library or each other, so keep up your good habit of reading and enjoy. 

I will leave you with an inspiring quote:  "I've read two or three books every week for the past fifty years. Why have I read so many books? The answer is simple. The more you read the smarter you get." - Roland Smith.