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Pastoral Care


St Marys Arklow Pastoral Care

Year Heads

A "Year Head" is in charge of each year group. The Year Head is responsible for the general progress and discipline of students in his/her care.


Each class in the Junior Cycle and Transition Year is assigned to the care of a specific teacher - the Tutor. The Tutor has a special responsibility for the students in his/her care. Within the pastoral care programme the tutor offers support and encouragement to each student and helps any girl with difficulties or problems.

Specially chosen Leaving Certificate students - "Liaison Students" are appointed to the first year classes. Their task is to ensure that new students are happy in school and they achieve this through regular contact with the girls. They welcome the students to the school, familiarise them with their environment and encourage integration and involvement in class and school activities. The Liaison Students refer difficulties that the new students may encounter to the Tutor or Year Head.

Parents are encouraged to contact the Tutor or Year Head if they are concerned with their daughter's progress.