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St. Mary's Debating Society


About the Debating Society


Debating Society exists to promote informed, intelligent debate in all aspects of human inquiry. We meet regularly to discuss and debate the hot topics of the time and to coach members for competitions.
A good debater knows how to think logically, and to present their ideas convincingly. Our generation of scientists and engineers are increasingly being expected to form opinions and, vitally, to defend their views and persuade others. Our Debating Society provides the perfect platform to develop these skills. But it's not all hard work and high-brow thinking! It’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know other students.

We place importance on the social side of the club and try to inject fun into our proceedings. We travel to Wexford, Dublin and sometimes further afield debating against other schools.


What is debating?


Many of us know what a school debating society is. There are debating societies in many schools. Here students gather and discuss a particular subject. One block speaks in favour of the subject, the other against it. Thus, if the subject for discussion is, say, 'Early marriage', one side will try to prove that it is good, the other side will try to prove that it is bad.


How useful is it in our lives?


A debating society is of great use to us. It sharpens our power of thinking and reasoning. If we want to discuss a subject, we shall have to know something about it. We must think about it to gain our point. We must learn to argue. We must learn how to prove that we are right and the opposite party is wrong. If we join a debating society, we learn the art of speaking before the public. Many famous orators of the world learnt the art of speaking in the debating society of the school. So we may turn out to be orators in future if we learn how to speak freely in a debating society. It also increases our knowledge. If we want to win our point, we must engage in research. We can also learn much from the arguments of the opposite side. We get many new ideas. Many of our wrong ideas are also corrected.


How to get involved.


It is always exciting to be welcoming a new intake of debaters and researchers. For further information or to get involved please contact Ms. Clancy.